How Did We Get Here?

Camp 9 at Priest Lake
Circa 1945
 Why did we call our business Camp 9 Engraving and how did we get here?  Glad you asked.  Camp 9 was a logging camp located at the head of Priest Lake in northern Idaho, operated by the Diamond Match Company in the late 1940's and 1950's.  John's father, Jack, was the logging superintendent and responsible for running the camp and overseeing the 50 to 100 loggers who worked hard (and played even harder!).

John was 2 weeks old when he was brought home and introduced to Priest Lake, beginning his life-long love affair with the pristine lake and breathtaking beauty of the area.  He spent many wonderful childhood years swimming, fishing, huckleberrying and hanging out with his dog, Buff, and pet deer, Fauline.

After going to college in California and falling in love, he couldn't wait to take this "California City Girl" to Idaho to introduce me to the most beautiful place on earth...Priest Lake...where we spent our honeymoon camping at the site of the old Camp 9.

We spent all of our working years either living in Priest Lake or visiting often.  John and I and our 3 boys have treasured memories of the many years we lived (and they grew up) in our little cabin in the woods.  After many years of working in Montana in the education field, we took "early retirement" and moved back to Priest Lake over 10 years ago...the place our hearts will always call home.

The winters are lovely but long and soon "retirement" became a glass engraving HOBBY and with enthusiastic support of our art,  became an engraving BUSINESS and now we happily keep very busy year 'round.  We have a wonderful time enjoying the spring and summer here at the Lake and, in the fall, travel down to sunny Arizona, where we stay for the winter...where it's a lot easier to shovel sunshine than snow!  I love the wide variety of custom engraving from grizzly bears and bugling elk to rattlesnakes and scorpions and -- believe me -- everything in between!  Thank you for checking our website.  I hope you'll give me a chance to create a one-of-a-kind gift for you and/or someone you love!